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Shared Lanes (“Sharrows”)

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Shared lane markings or “sharrows” (derived from “Shared” and “Arrows”) are pavement markings used to mark a designated bike route. Placed in the travel lane, they encourage bicyclists to ride in a safe position outside of the door zone (where driver’s side doors of parked cars open).

Shared lane markings include a bicycle symbol and a double chevron indicating the direction of travel. They do not designate any part of the roadway as either exclusive to motorists or bicyclists. Rather, the symbols highlight the fact that the travel lane is shared.

Sometimes shared lane markings are enhanced with dotted white lines to provide extra awareness that bicyclists are sharing the lane. Enhanced shared lane markings are located along La Salle Ave S between W 15th St and W Franklin Ave. The dotted white lines around the sharrow symbol are intended to create an advisory path for bicyclists to ride along.

When you drive:

When you bike:

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Last updated Feb 1, 2012