Bicycle Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking is now permitted at all muti-space meter sign posts, located in Downtown, Uptown, Cedar-Riverside and Dinkytown. Please use caution when locking to these signs, as some types of locks and cables can easily be lifted over the top of the post. In some parts of town, look for new bike racks affixed to these signs (see photo on this page).

Meter HitchWondering about legal options to park your bike? Below is the Minneapolis ordinance regulating bike parking:

"No person shall secure, attach or connect in any manner any motorized vehicle, boat, or any trailer or trailer-like vehicle or device or any motorized or non-motorized bicycle to any tree, parking meter post, street light post, traffic signal post or post sign; except as follows:  

Motorized and non-motorized bicycles shall be permitted to be parked upon a sidewalk and to be temporarily attached to sign posts and bicycle racks. When parked or attached as permitted, motorized and non-motorized bicycles shall not impede the normal and reasonable movement of pedestrian or other traffic."

See the attached pdf for a visual depiction (pdf) of legal and illegal parking options in Minneapolis.

Photo by Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.

Last updated Apr 21, 2014