Bicyclist Safety & Crashes

The 2011 Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan calls for a 10 percent annual reduction in the number of bicyclist-motorist crashes. To better understand what is causing crashes and to meet reduction goals, 2,973 bicyclist-motorist crash records from 2000-2010 were examined. Specific crash attributes were extracted from Minnesota Department of Public Safety accident reports, analyzed and mapped.

The analysis found that crashes are complex events and there is no one factor that is contributing to crashes. However, three primary conclusions emerge from the data:

There is also a clear correlation between the number of bicyclists and the crash rate. As the number of bicyclists has increased in Minneapolis over the past decade, the crash rate has decreased. This safety in numbers effect is documented in other U.S. cities and in academic research.

Bicyclist-Motorist Crash Rate 1993-2012


Understanding Bicyclist-Motorist Crashes in Minneapolis, MN (4.6 MB)

Full Appendix (34.7 MB)

Appendix A - Example MN DPS Accident Reports

Appendix B - MN DPS Accident Coding List

Appendix C - Complete Bicyclist-Motorist Crash Data 2000-2010

Appendix D - State and Peer City Comparison

Appendix E - Supplemental Context Maps

Appendix F - Supplemental Crash Maps

Appendix G - Corridor Crash Rates

Appendix H - Supplemental Corridor Analysis

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