If you’re visiting Minneapolis on a bicycle, there are several resources available for your use.

Minneapolis is well known for its world-class trail system. The most prominent piece of the trail system is the Grand Rounds, which nearly circles the entire city. A 50-mile bicycle path (operated by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board) closely parallels parkway roads around multiple lakes, the Mississippi River, Minnehaha Creek, and residential neighborhoods.

The Mississippi River Trail runs through the city on both sides of the river. From north to south, Metro Map Insets seven, eight, nine, and ten (all pdf’s) from the MRT map book show the routes for the Mississippi River Trail in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is also home to several rails to trails projects. The most prominent is the Midtown Greenway (operated by Minneapolis Public Works). This 6-mile bicycle path cuts across the heart of South Minneapolis from border to border. The Stone Arch Bridge is also a popular bicycle trail located near Downtown Minneapolis.

In addition:

Also, this Street Films video should bring you up to speed about all things bicycling in Minneapolis.

Need more general information? Visit the City of Minneapolis Visitor’s Guide and Meet Minneapolis.

Last updated Apr 16, 2012