Executive Committee

Purpose: Pursuant to Minneapolis City Charter, Chapter 3, Section 4, the Executive Committee is responsible for:

  1. Directing the labor negotiations of the City;
  2. Receiving and reviewing information on new policy or program proposals and making referrals to the appropriate City Council standing committee for further action;
  3. Recommending enterprise management policies by referral to the appropriate City Council standing committee and, when established and directed by City Council, implementing and overseeing those policies and procedures;
  4. Coordinating interdepartmental and inter-agency issues; and
  5. Providing arrangements for ceremonial functions.

Members: Mayor Betsy Hodges (chair); Barbara Johnson (vice-chair); Kevin Reich; Cam Gordon; Elizabeth Glidden

Meetings: Wednesdays at 10 a.m. in the first week of the Council cycle

Staff Contacts:

See meeting calendar and meeting agendas.

Last updated Feb 23, 2017