Above the Falls

A Master Plan for the Upper River in Minneapolis

Inside Cover
Introduction and Summary
A New Era of Land Use
Above the Falls Map
Above the Falls Map 2
Issues Addressed
Summary of Recommendations
Upper River Master Plan (illustration)
Implementation Projects and Phasing
Above the Falls Web Summary - Introduction and Summary

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Table of Contents

Cover page, Credits and Table of Contents (474k)

Introduction and Summary (1.5Mb)

Context (2.8Mb)

Policy Issues (332k)

Planning Objectives (17k)

Constraints and Opportunities (1.6Mb)

Concept Plan Alternatives (1.2Mb)

Upper River Master Plan (13k)

Land Use Plan (818k)

Parks and Urban Design Plan (4Mb)

Environmental Restoration Plan (1.8Mb)

Implementation Plan (231k)

Technical Appendix

Last updated Dec 1, 2011