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Riverfront Revival: Collaboration and Change along the Mississippi - Feb. 2004

Graphic courtesy of the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

The City of Minneapolis and its partners have been actively pursuing the revitalization of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis for more than 30 years. The cornerstone plan, Mississippi/Minneapolis Minneapolis Riverfront District. Significant success has been achieved in bringing this area, once the historic birthplace of Minneapolis, back to life.

This redevelopment momentum has now spread to the "Upper River" area that stretches to the northern city limits, where the first phase of implementation of the Above the Falls plan is under way.

The Lower Gorge portion of the Riverfront extending to the southern city limits has been largely devoted to parks, open space and housing since the city’s initial development. Although there have been various projects in the Lower Gorge, this segment has not been a focus of major land use changes.

In order to explore if there are ways to enhance its organizational capacity to continue riverfront revitalization, the City of Minneapolis is currently completing a consultant-led riverfront organization study. As part of the study process, an inter-agency Riverfront Policy Oversight Task Force approved a one-page summary of the working vision that has been guiding riverfront planning and implementation. This vision is that: Minneapolis treasures the Mississippi River as one of its premier assets and the reason Minneapolis exists. Leadership and resources are committed to assuring that both people and nature benefit from a healthy ecosystem, exceptional riverfront parks, world-class history and culture and a vital, livable community.

Partners and Links

Hennepin County Community Works

Metropolitan Council

Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Minnesota Historical Society

Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

National Park Service/Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board


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