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The City of Minneapolis supports having a strong business community alongside a healthy environment. That is why the City of Minneapolis is investing in businesses that promote cleaner, healthier, and more efficient business practices in our city. The City is offering Green Business Cost Sharing awards up to $45,000 (no minimum request) for each business willing to invest in cleaner, greener, or more efficient technologies. The automotive vehicle repair, service, and maintenance sector is a great place to apply a win-win-win approach for our businesses, our communities, and our environment. The program invests together with businesses that move to painting and cleaning alternatives in repair and collision repair processes that reduce emissions, hazardous waste, or energy usage. There are many commonly used alternatives that already exist in the market place. Several qualifying alternatives include:

For more information on alternatives contact Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MNTAP) via website http://www.mntap.umn.edu/vehicle/index.htm or call 612.624.4694 

To apply for a Green Business Cost Sharing Program award, request an application from EnvServicesInfo@minneapolismn.gov or visit

Green BusinessCost Sharing Program

Last updated Oct 23, 2015