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The Minneapolis Healthy Living Initiative works with community partners to create opportunities for everyone to eat healthy, be physically active, and live tobacco free.

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The City of Minneapolis Health Department has released a request for proposals (RFP) for a Healthier Beverage Initiative. The Health Department will select an organization serving the Latino community to conduct public awareness activities and pursue practice changes in a variety of settings (e.g. events, institutions) to increase availability and promotion of healthy beverages. The goals of the initiative are to provide healthier beverage options, increase the intake of healthier beverage choices and, ultimately, to improve health. The full text of the RFP can be found here. For more information and resources, visit the Health Department's Grants and RFPs page.

The Minneapolis Youth Congress Tobacco Initiative announced four recommendations to prevent the next generation of tobacco users. Click on this link to learn about their process and their findings. Check out the Youth Tobacco Prevention and Tobacco-Free Living pages to learn more about the Department's efforts.

For more information about the Minneapolis Healthy Living Initiative, please contact:

Lara Pratt
Manager, Minneapolis Healthy Living



Last updated Aug 25, 2014