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The Minneapolis Healthy Living Initiative works with community partners to create opportunities for everyone to eat healthy, be physically active, and live tobacco free.

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Healthy Eating
Find healthy eating tips and resources, plus learn about MHD's healthy eating initiatives and how to get involved

Physical Activity
Find physical activity resources, plus learn about MDH's initiatives and how to get involved

Tobacco Free Living
Find tobacco free living resources, plus learn about MDH's initiatives and how to get involved

The City of Minneapolis is exploring revisions to the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, Title 10, Chapter 203, relating to Food Code: Grocery Stores and Specialty Food Stores, which currently requires licensed grocery stores to stock certain types of basic food items. Licensed grocery stores and other small business owners who sell food as a main part of their operations (e.g., corner stores, large gas stations, dollar stores and pharmacies) are invited to attend one of two meetings to hear about the proposed changes and give their feedback. Please view the meeting flyer for additional details including date, time, and location of the meetings.

The Minneapolis Youth Congress Tobacco Initiative announced four recommendations to prevent the next generation of tobacco users. Click on this link to learn about their process and their findings. Check out the Youth Tobacco Prevention and Tobacco-Free Living pages to learn more about the Department's efforts.

Why Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Tobacco?

Our children, families, and communities are suffering from the harmful and expensive effects of obesity and tobacco use, especially those in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. We care that everyone has an equal chance to live a healthy and productive life, free from the long-term illnesses caused by poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and harmful tobacco products. We all have a responsibility to work together to reverse these poor health outcomes and build thriving communities.

That’s why the Minneapolis Health Department is engaging schools, neighborhoods, clinics, worksites, institutions, government agencies, and residents to increase access to healthy foods and physical activities, and protect youth from tobacco and secondhand smoke. Our efforts consist of three main components:

Healthy Eating: Ensuring that people can get affordable healthy foods in corner stores, food shelves, restaurants and other places
Physical Activity: Enhancing opportunities for people to be active on a daily basis at school, work, and in their neighborhood
Tobacco Prevention: Reducing use of and exposure to tobacco products and second-hand smoke by connecting people to resources to help them quit smoking, creating smoke-free environments, and eliminating tobacco sales to youth

For more information about the Minneapolis Healthy Living Initiative, please contact:

Lara Pratt
Manager, Minneapolis Healthy Living



Last updated Jul 23, 2014