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Standard Maps

Maps are generally accurate as of the date published on the map, but please be aware that changes may have occurred since the date of first publication. All maps require the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.

Minneapolis Neighborhood BoundariesNeighborhood Boundaries
Minneapolis Street Map (pdf, 540k)Minneapolis Streets
Bike and Walking Trails (pdf, 1.25MB)Bike and Walking Trails
City Council Ward BoundariesCity Council Ward Boundaries
Voting PrecinctsVoting Precincts
Zoning MapsZoning Maps
City-Wide Primary Zoning (PDF, 1MB)City-Wide Primary Zoning
City-Wide Overlay Zoning (pdf, 4MB)City-Wide Overlay Zoning
Zip Code Map (pdf, 810k)Zip Code Map
Downtown Map (WARNING! Very large pdf file: 4.3MB)Downtown Map

Last updated Apr. 18, 2012