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Mechanical Permits

Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Note: Many projects require more than one permit. To determine which permits you need for your project, call Minneapolis 311. If outside the Minneapolis city limits call (612) 673-3000.

A mechanical permit is required to:

 Note: A licensed contractor must get the permit and perform the work of connecting the gas. Find a licensed contractor:



LEVEL 1: Includes Miscellaneous HVAC Work – No Burners                                
a.    Radiation piping for space heating
b.    Supplies & returns 4 openings or less (greater than 4 openings go to level 3)
c.    Fresh air intake, air cleaner, humidifier, venting, fans, gas piping (heating systems only), radon mitigation, and other accessories.
d.    Air conditioner add-on or replacement
e.    Solid fuel heating devices (wood, pellets, etc.) 
LEVEL 2: Includes any Level 1 work and replacement of boiler/furnace                    
a.    Replace boiler plus incidental piping
b.    Replace furnace only with or without A/C – plenum included (no duct work beyond plenum)
c.    Add or replace space heating unit 
LEVEL 3: Includes any Level 1 or 2 work and entire system replacement                            
a.    Remove existing system and install new (boiler or forced air system)
b.    Install a new system to serve an existing non-conditioned space or addition

Residential HVAC Replacement Application Form

Residential HVAC Replacement Fee Table

Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration for commercial, new construction and radon mitigation system

Mechanical Application Form (pdf)

Mechanical Fee Table


Licensing Requirements

If you are owner/occupant of a single-family home, you can apply for some mechanical permits for work that you intend to do yourself.  All gas piping and gas venting for heating appliances must be done by a licensed gas installer and requires a separate permit before this permit is issued.


The City of Minneapolis issues licenses to heating/mechanical contractors. A contractor applying for a license must either hold a Certificate of Competency at the master level or employ a tradesperson who does.


Last updated Mar. 18, 2014