Minneapolis City Council Agenda

Friday, December 4, 2009 at 9:30 a.m.

Council Chamber, Room 317 City Hall

Minneapolis, Minnesota

NOTE: All cellular telephones, pagers and BlackBerry devices to be switched to a non-audible function during Council and Committee meetings.

Present: Council President Johnson, Vice President Lilligren, Majority Leader Benson, Minority Leader Gordon, Council Members Ostrow, Hofstede, Samuels, Goodman, Glidden, Schiff, Remington, Colvin Roy and Hodges
(Majority vote of all members, 7; 2/3 vote of all members, 9)

1. Roll call.

2. Adoption of the agenda.

ActionTaken: Adopted.

3. Acceptance of minutes of the regular meeting and the adjourned session of November 13, 2009; and the adjourned session of November 19, 2009.

ActionTaken: Accepted.

4. Referral of petitions and communications and reports of the City officers to proper Council committees and departments.

ActionTaken: Referred.

Committee of the Whole - No Reports

Community Development

1. Home Ownership Works (HOW) Program Guidelines:

a) Approve modification to Guidelines; b) Approve Amendment No. 1 to the 2009 Consolidated Plan, modifying the HOW Program Guidelines; c) Authorize submittal to the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development.

ActionTaken: Approved.

2. Classification of Tax-Forfeited Land:

Passage of Resolution approving classification of land and conveyance of Hennepin County properties to the City, with various related actions.

ActionTaken: Approved.

3. Lovell Square Project:

Approve use of 2005 Affordable Housing Trust Fund award to include all Community Development Block-Grant eligible expenses associated with foreclosure action & closing.

ActionTaken: Approved.

4. Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Inc (re Old Third Ave Townhomes Project):

Authorize extension of development rights & financing assistance.

ActionTaken: Approved.

5. Saks Ground Lease, Parking Agreement & Sale Agreement:

Authorize one year extension of agreements ( Refer to Mpls Community Development Board of Commissioners

ActionTaken: Approved.

Referred Reports to Ways & Means/Budget

6. Kelly Brothers Properties, LLC (re 2450 Minnehaha Ave S):

Passage of Resolution giving preliminary approval to issue bonds for acquisition & rehabilitation of 38,000 square foot building.

ActionTaken: Approved.

7. Open Systems International Inc:

Passage of Resolution giving preliminary approval to issue bonds, under a joint partnership with Hennepin County, to finance purchase of land at Hwy 55 & Arrowhead Rd, in Medina, MN.

ActionTaken: Approved.

8. Center for Energy & Environment:

Authorize contract to provide residential energy efficiency services.

ActionTaken: Approved.

9. Grain Belt Office Building (re 1215 Marshall Ave NE):

Passage of Resolutions a) appropriating funds for first phase of reducing water filtration/drainage issues in the building; and b) authorizing application to MN Historic Society Grants Office for grant funds.

ActionTaken: Approved.

10. Living Cities Grant Award:

Authorize acceptance & appropriation of grand award for energy retrofit program; Passage of Resolution appropriating funds ( 9 votes

ActionTaken: Approved.

11. Lang Bank Agreement under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program:

a) Authorize reallocation of funds for land banking activities to Twin Cities Community Land Bank; b) Direct staff to negotiation Land Bank agreement with Twin Cities Community Land Bank; c) Authorize execution of Agreement.

ActionTaken: Approved.

12. Department of Community Planning & Economic Development Property Inventory:

Approve additional expenditures in 2009 from existing fund balances; Passage of Resolution appropriating funds.

ActionTaken: Approved.

13. St. Anthony West Neighborhood Revitalization Program:

a) Approve Phase II NRP Action Plan; b) Passage of Resolution appropriating funds; c) Approve referral of funds for Plan implementation in a reserve account; d) Authorize necessary contracts/agreements.

ActionTaken: Approved.


1. Municipal Election:

Certify results of the November 3, 2009 Municipal Election.

ActionTaken: Approved.

Health, Energy & Environment

1. Small and Underutilized Business Enterprise Program:

Passage of Ordinance amending Title 16, Chapter 423 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Planning and Development: Small and Underutilized Business Enterprise Program, extending the expiration of Chapter 423 to September 30, 2010.

ActionTaken: Approved.

2. Continuity of Operations Plan Annex to the Emergency Operations Plan:

Approve Negative Sick Leave Policy.

ActionTaken: Approved.

3. Sustainability Indicators and Targets:

Approve amendments to the targets for the Employment and Poverty Sustainability Indicator.

ActionTaken: Approved.

Referred reports to Ways & Means/Budget

4. Lead Hazard Reduction:

Accept grant award of $12,500 from State of Minnesota to supply lead safe housing to Minneapolis residents during lead hazard reduction activities; and Passage of Resolution approving appropriation. (9 votes)

ActionTaken: Approved.

5. Class Action Settlement:

Accept $319 in other grant funds from Global Education Settlement Administrator; and Passage of Resolution approving appropriation. (9 votes)

ActionTaken: Approved.

6. School Based Clinic Services:

Execute contract with Fairview Health Services, dba Fairview Diagnostic Laboratories, for laboratory services through December 31, 2012.

ActionTaken: Approved.

7. Energy Audit for City Owned Facilities:

Negotiate and execute professional services agreement with Questions and Solutions Engineering Inc for consulting services.

ActionTaken: Approved.

8. Minneapolis Economic Recovery Strategy - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program:

Accept $3,909,800 from United States Department of Energy for use in activities elaborated in the grant application previously approved by the City Council on June 12, 2009; and Passage of Resolution approving appropriations. (9 votes)

ActionTaken: Approved.

9. Minneapolis Economic Recovery Strategy - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program:

Authorize submit application to the United States Department of Energy, on behalf of the Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, for $30 million to reduce energy in 50% of the buildings in Minneapolis and St. Paul within 10 years; and to make such modifications as indicated by further guidance by the Department of Energy.

Direct staff to develop and recommend to the City Council an energy efficiency bond program.

ActionTaken: Approved.

Intergovernmental Relations

1. Director of Regulatory Services (re Mpls City Charter Amendment):

Passage of Ordinance amending Chapter 3, Section 4 of the Minneapolis City Charter relating to Powers and Duties of Officers: Executive Committee, to include the position of the Director of Regulatory Services in the appointment process outlined therein ( 13 votes

ActionTaken: Approved.

2. City of Mpls 2010 Legislative Agenda:


ActionTaken: Approved.

Public Safety & Regulatory Services

1. Grocery Stores:

Passage of Ordinance amending Title 10, Chapter 203 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Food Code: Grocery Stores and Specialty Food Stores, clarifying the definition of specialty food stores and amending certain requirements for grocery stores.

ActionTaken: Approved substitute ordinance.

2. Punch Neapolitan Pizza (802 Washington Av SE):

Grant On-Sale Wine Class E with Strong Beer License, subject to conditions; and Sidewalk Cafe License.
Early Signature by Mayor Requested.

ActionTaken: Approved.

3. Liquor, Wine and Beer Licenses:

Grant applications.

ActionTaken: Approved.

4. Business Licenses:

Passage of Resolution granting applications.

ActionTaken: Approved.

5. Sound Bar (414 3rd Av N):

Passage of Resolution approving License Settlement Conference recommendations relating to On-Sale Liquor Class A with Sunday Sales License.

ActionTaken: Approved.

6. Quick Stop (3601 Penn Av N):

Passage of Resolution approving License Settlement Conference recommendations relating to Grocery and Tobacco Licenses.

ActionTaken: Approved.

7. Unparalleled Parking (7509 62nd Ct N, Brooklyn Park):

Passage of Resolution approving License Settlement Conference recommendations relating to Valet Parking License.

ActionTaken: Approved.

8. Rental Dwelling License at 1819 25th Av N:

Approve license reinstatement to be held by Parker Management; contact David Homan.

ActionTaken: Approved.

9. Property at 2222 4th St N:

Rescind Council Action of January 9, 2009 to stay Order for Demolition; and Authorize demolition of structure.

ActionTaken: Approved.

10. Rental Dwelling Licenses at 2650 Upton Av N, 3322 Dupont Av N, and 3250 Dupont Av N:

Revoke licenses held by Randy R. Olson.

ActionTaken: Approved.

11. Rental Dwelling License at 2732 Bloomington Av:

Revoke license held by Tom Bohlen.

ActionTaken: Approved.

Referred Report to Transportation & Public Works

12. Emergency Operations and Training Facility:

a. Authorize proceed with design and construction of three apparatus bays to be built as an addition to the newly constructed facility;

b. Authorize accept Federal Appropriations, in the amount of $750,000 and execute any necessary agreements associated with the appropriation.

c. Execute Amendment #2 to contract with Wold Architects and Engineers, increasing by $105,000 for a revised total of $517,543, to provide design services for the required additional apparatus bays. (9 votes)

ActionTaken: Approved.

Referred Report to Ways & Means/Budget

13. Operation NightCAP Grant:

Execute 2010 agreement with Minnesota Department of Public Safety, State Patrol Division, to accept $12,925 to pay overtime to Traffic Unit officers for increased enforcement targeting impaired drivers and increase driver safety; and Passage of Resolution approving appropriation. (9 votes)

ActionTaken: Approved.

Transportation & Public Works

1. Water Treatment and Distribution Division Consulting Services:

Authorize amendment to professional services contract with TKDA, increasing the contract by up to $115,000, for a revised contract total not to exceed $165,000, to fill the position of interim Director of Water Treatment and Distribution Services.

ActionTaken: Approved.

Referred Reports to Ways & Means/Budget

2. Metropolitan Emergency Services Board Grant:

a) Accept Metropolitan Emergency Services Board grant funding in the amount of $106,219.82 for additional 800 MHz radios; and
b) Passage of Resolution increasing the appropriation for the project.

(9 votes)

ActionTaken: Approved.

3. Second Ave Traffic Signal Priority Project:

a) Authorize amendment to UPA Subrecipient Agreement with the Metropolitan Council to increase the total award amount by $37,128 for the 2nd Ave Traffic Signal Priority Project; and
b) Passage of Resolution increasing the appropriation for the project.

(9 votes)

ActionTaken: Approved.

4. Bids:

a) OP 7182, Accept bid of Hawkins, Inc., to furnish hydrochloric acid to the Water Works Division; and
b) OP 7209, Accept low bid of Reliakor Services, Inc., to furnish sidewalk snow removal and maintenance in the Central Ave Special Service District through October 31, 2010.

ActionTaken: Approved.

Ways & Means/Budget

1. Legal Services Panels:

a) Adopt recommendation for placing attorneys and law firms on the Citys Legal Services Panel;
b) Authorize "Master Agreements" through December 31, 2012, with the cost for each agreement not to exceed $300,000 for the three-year period; and
c) Authorizing waiving the request for proposals process for conflicts covered by the collective bargaining agreement with the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation.

ActionTaken: Approved.

2. Wireless Community Accounts:

Approve 14 additional applications for Wireless Community accounts.

ActionTaken: Approved.

3. Non-profit Convention Events Funds to Meet Minneapolis:

Passage of (2) Resolutions accepting funds; and appropriating funds.
(9 votes)

ActionTaken: Approved.

4. Annual Property Insurance Premium for the Minneapolis Convention Center:

Authorize: a) review of options for 2010 coverage;
b) Acceptance of insurance quote of $272,697 by XL Insurance;
c) Acceptance of quote for additional terrorism coverage.

ActionTaken: Approved.

5. Target Center Refunding Bonds:

Passage of Resolution authorizing the finance officer to accept bids and award General Obligation Taxable Tax Increment Refunding Bonds in compliance with applicable Minnesota statutes. (9 votes)
Early Signature by Mayor Requested.

ActionTaken: Approved.

6. Consolidated Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District and Plan:

Sent forward without recommendation, a) Passage of (2) Resolutions approving the Consolidated Tax Increment Financing and Plan; and appropriating $10,000 to CPED; b) Approval of the Basic Tax Increment Allocation Methodology; and c) Authorizing the Finance Officer to enter into a MOU between the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County.

ActionTaken: Approved substitute report.

Zoning & Planning

1. Mike Rudh (5307 Russell Avenue South):

Grant appeal filed on behalf of Shelby and Patrick Scheuerman from the decision of the Zoning Board of Adjustment denying applications for variances to a) reduce the front yard setback along Russell Avenue South, and b) reduce the west interior side yard setback from 6 feet to 1 foot, both to allow for a new deck.

ActionTaken: Approved.

2. Outdoor Children's Play Areas (Zoning Code Text Amendment):

a) Passage of Ordinances amending Title 20 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Zoning Code, regarding requiring outdoor children's play space accessory to certain multiple-family residential uses, as follows:

1) Chapter 536 relating to Specific Development Standards; and

2) Chapter 546 relating to Residence Districts.

b) Return Chapters 520 and 535 to author.

ActionTaken: Approved.

3. Intersection of 16th Avenue NE and Pierce Street NE

Passage of Resolution correcting the legal description for VAC 521, vacating that part of Pierce Street NE located between 18th Avenue NE and 16th Avenue NE, originally approved by the City Council on June 26, 1970.

ActionTaken: Approved.

4. Lowry Avenue Corridor Plan:

Passage of Resolution regarding implementation of the Lowry Avenue Corridor Plan in Northeast Minneapolis.

ActionTaken: Approved.

5. Designation of the Minneapolis Warehouse District:

Approve local historic district designation and Passage of Resolution to effectuate designation.

ActionTaken: Approved.


1. City Payroll:

Motion by Ostrow that regular payrolls of City employees under Council jurisdiction for the month of January, 2010 be approved and ordered paid.

ActionTaken: Approved.

2. 2010 City Council Meeting Calendar:

Motion by Johnson to amend the draft 2010 calendar adopted October 30, 2009, with formal adoption to take place at the organizational meeting of January 4, 2010.

ActionTaken: Approved.


Unfinished Business

1. City Financial Policies:

Authorize amendments to the Citys financial policies eliminating conflicting language and to expand independent board recoupment policy (Postponed 11/13/2009).

ActionTaken: Approved to eliminate conflicting language; Postponed expanding independent board recoupment policy.

2. Ordinance Introduction:

Pursuant to notice (11/13/2009), Hodges moves to introduce the subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 2, Chapter 17 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Administration: Finance Department, for first reading and referral to the Ways & Means/Budget Committee for a public hearing on December 14, 2009 at 1:45 p.m. (relating to provisions for internal audit of the financial functions of the City).

ActionTaken: Referred to W&M/Budget Committee.

New Business



1. The Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA) Board of Commissioners will meet upon adjournment of the City Council Meeting.

2. Adjournment to Monday, December 7, 2009, at 6:05 p.m. in the Council Chamber for adoption of the 2010 budget.

Notice: A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Next Regular City Council Meeting: Friday, December 18, 2009
City Clerk e-mail: [email protected]
Minneapolis Web Page: MinneapolisMN.gov

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