King Field

Location and General Characteristics

King Field is named after Colonel William S. King, ex-congressman and a prominent figure in national affairs who lived in Minneapolis in the 19 th century and was active in the anti-slavery struggle. The neighborhood is located in Minneapolis' Southwest community between Interstate 35W on the east and Lyndale Avenue on the west. The northern extent is 36th Street, and 46th Street is the southern boundary. The King Field neighborhood became part of Minneapolis in 1887 when the southern border of Minneapolis was extended from 38 th Street to 54 th Street. King Field is mainly a residential area with three-fourths of its single-family houses built before 1920. The King Field neighborhood has a number of amenities including churches, schools, a park named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and three- to four-dozen small businesses.

This mural is located at 36 th Street West and Nicollet Avenue at an automotive shop. It is a work completed recently by Christopher Harrison. This is one of 14 murals in the neighborhood, part of the Kingfield Mural Map. The mural map began in 2003 when the Kingfield Neighborhood Association began encouraging professional artists to partner with neighborhood youths to create outdoor murals on local businesses.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011