City expands plastic and carton recycling

City of Minneapolis recycling customers can now recycle nearly all of the frequently used containers that used to end up in the trash. Customers can recycle cartons – that includes milk cartons, juice boxes and soup, broth and wine cartons – and plastic containers including yogurt cups, cottage cheese containers and deli and takeout containers. Minneapolis recycling crews will pick up these additional items with the regular recycling. Cartons can go in the same bag with the paper.

Customers can now recycle the plastic caps and lids on plastic containers and should leave them on the container (after rinsing, of course) or they will literally slip through the cracks of the recycling machinery.

City of Minneapolis recycling customers get many benefits for a great value. Every other week, recycling crews take away what used to be considered garbage, and it gets sold to make into something new. The sales help pay for this service, and customers don’t pay a thing. They even get a $7 credit on their utility bill every month for recycling.

Customers should keep and refer to the recycling guide that comes in the mail each year.

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Published Apr 4, 2012