Compliment an Officer or Report Complaints

The City of Minneapolis is committed to maintaining a police department that is professional and serves its community with integrity and honor. The City encourages feedback from the public. Report outstanding conduct as well as potential misconduct to help us accurately assess officer performance and take appropriate action.

Compliment an officer
Your input will go to the Office of the Chief of Police. Chief Harteau is dedicated to commending her officers and reinforcing good police work and positive public interaction. Commendations are placed in the officer's file and may even result in an award from the Chief.

File a complaint to the Office of Police Conduct Review
All complaints made to the City about Minneapolis Police officers go to the new Office of Police Conduct Review. In this Office, a civilian and police manager decide what course each case takes. Minor offenses can go straight to the officer’s supervisor for action. Cases can also go to mediation, where the complainants and officers meet with mediators to resolve the situations. Allegations of more severe misconduct prompt a full investigation, and the heads of the office decide whether a civilian or a police investigator should handle a particular case.

Last updated Nov 5, 2014