MPD Chaplain Corps

Murder, suicide and deadly accidents . . . no one thinks these tragic events will ever happen to them. Everyday, the unthinkable happens to someone in our community. Who is willing to go to the home of a stranger and share the fact that one of their loved ones has died in a homicide, accident or has killed themselves? Minneapolis Police Chaplains respond to these calls for service!

How the surviving loved ones receive that information and the immediate services provided to the victim/survivor families is extremely important. The sheer force of the message that is delivered and the immediate support provided at the crime scene or at the residence of the family will change their lives forever and will either aid or hinder the healing process. Most families have no idea what they are to do next; nor do they have an understanding of the police investigative procedure; or how to have the body of their loved one released to a funeral home. Furthermore, most families have no idea of the services available to them, such as financial help via crime victim reparations, support groups and other community services.

The Minneapolis Police Chaplain Corps consists of volunteer community members who have undergone a background check and received specialized training for working with people in crisis. The Chaplain Corps provides 24 hour services to the residents of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department. The main purpose of the Chaplain Corps is to assist members of the Police Department and work with victims and survivors of crime. Two department chaplains are available on a 24 hour basis for private counsel and other ministerial duties for police department personnel and their families. Matters discussed with them are privileged.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011