Community Response Team

The Community Response Team (CRT) uses a two pronged approach in responding to the concerns of citizens in the precinct.

The first approach is directed patrol which uses uniformed CRT officers to respond in the high crime areas of the precinct or areas that are experiencing specific problems. This gives a greater police presence in these areas, which helps prevent crime and increases the chances of catching criminals. This approach gives the precinct commander more flexibility in responding to crime trends in the precinct ranging from speeding cars, burglaries in a neighborhood, and drug dealing on a street corner, without affecting services to the community.

The second approach uses the expertise of the CRT Team’s "plain clothes"/ undercover officers to respond to precinct drug problems. The approach can be very effective because officers work closely with the community receiving complaints about drug houses and drug dealing. The CRT Team also investigates street level prostitution, disorderly houses and illegal liquor and cigarette sales.

This two pronged approach creates a highly responsive and effective team for the citizens.

How to Report Suspected Narcotics Activity

Last updated Sep 27, 2011