School Programs

School Programs focuses on education issues and safety affecting school children. The School Liaison works jointly with the city's public schools to build stronger relationships with school administrators, parents, students, and the surrounding community. The School Liaison works in the schools to identify mutual problems, intervene in the early stages of delinquency and make presentations to classes and the community on topics related to law enforcement and safety. The School Programs Function conducts programs focusing on safety and education issues that affect school children.

Minneapolis School Patrol

The School Patrol Crossing Guard Program is available to all Minneapolis public elementary schools and private parochial schools. MPD officers work with a school staff coordinator. The coordinator assists in selection of the patrol crossing guards, who are usually in the 4th, 5th or 6th grades, depending on the grade make-up of the school.

MPD officers instruct crossing patrols in rules and regulations of the program and on how to report traffic violations to the MPD patrol officers. They continually check on the school crossing guards and assist in any reported serious violation on or around the school crossings. There are approximately 700 students involved in the program, all of whom attend Minneapolis public schools or Minneapolis private parochial schools.

From October through December, the School Patrol officers visit kindergarten classrooms. During the visit, officers demonstrate and explain how the School Patrol Crossing Guard Program works. They also talk about traffic safety rules and crime prevention information as appropriate for that age group.

From January to April, the officers provide junior police safety presentations for 3rd grade students. Officers make two visits to each 3rd grade classroom. Students learn about the MPD and how laws play a role in our society and how they as junior police officers should abide by these same laws. Test booklets are provided to each student as homework, and upon return the booklets are corrected and discussed in class. Graduates of the program are presented with a booklet, a badge and ID card with a fingerprint of the student's thumb which identifies the student as a junior police officer.

In May, the MPD sponsors a picnic for the School Patrol crossing guards. The picnic is in recognition of service for those students who served as school patrol crossing guards during the school year. The picnic features food, entertainment and prizes.

Other duties and activities performed by the Minneapolis Police School Patrol officers are:

Last updated Sep 23, 2013