Minneapolis Block Clubs and Apartment Clubs

Crime prevention specialists (CPS) assist to organize block and apartment clubs. The CPSs provide training for volunteers who work with neighbors to deter crime and improve the quality of life on their block or in the building. Volunteers encourage neighbors to know one another, watch out for each other, and report suspicious activity. CPSs work with neighbors in building a stronger and safer community. Annually, they promote National Night Out, an annual event encouraging neighbors to gather, meet one another and socialize.

What is an apartment or block club?

Neighbors who live in an apartment building or across the street or alley from each other, usually on one block, who:

What are the benefits of organizing a block or apartment club?

How can we get a block or apartment club started?

1. Crime prevention information
2. Use of 911
3. How to organize their neighbors and run effective meetings.
4. How to keep the block/apartment club active
5. Resources available from CPS

How often do block apartment clubs have to meet?

At least one meeting or social event per year to maintain contact, meet neighbors, and address any block issues is recommended. This event may be a National Night Out block party (the first Tuesday of August). We encourage blocks to meet more often as crime and livability issues arise. The level and type of activity beyond that is up to the block/apartment club.

What resources are available to block/apartment clubs?

Last updated Jan 4, 2012