Conflict Resolution Center

There are many ways to resolve problems in addition to calling 9-1-1. If an incident occurs that has built up over a long period of time, it’s probably not just going to go away quickly. The Conflict Resolution Center (formerly Minneapolis Mediation Program) is an excellent option to help you talk with all parties involved and come to a long-term solution. Here are some more facts about mediation:

Conflict Resolution Center's services are free or low cost for all community cases referred by the MPD or local social service agencies. If you have a concern that you think could be mediated, call Conflict Resolution Center at 612-822-9883. If you know of a problem issue that is ongoing, encourage the parties to call Conflict Resolution Center directly. The statistics show that once people take the first step, they are able to resolve the issue and move on with their lives.

Last updated Jan 4, 2012