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Parade Permits

Minneapolis Ordinance requires a permit for any parade, march, or procession in or on any street or alley in the City (not including sidewalks).

Parade Permit Application (pdf)

Note: If the event occurs exclusively on park property, contact the Minneapolis Park Board, for Park Permits and Reservations. A permit is not required with the City.

In addition to completing a Parade Permit Application, the event must meet these requirements:

Application Fee

A $25 non-refundable filing fee is required with the application.

Individuals and organizations demonstrating financial hardship may have this fee waived.

No Parking Sign Posting Fee

When the posting of temporary "No Parking" signs along a parade route is required, applicants seeking a parade permit must additionally pay posting fees that shall be set by Resolution 2006R-635 (pdf) of the City Council.

Before application is submitted, please contact Doug Maday at (612) 673-5755 to determine the posting fee.

Payment of the posting fee must be submitted with the application.

Individuals, groups or organizations may request a waiver of the "No Parking" sign posting fee (pdf) in accordance with [City Ordinance Chapter 447 (pdf).] [KKL4] 

See [City Ordinance Chapter 447] [KKL5] for parade/races requirement

Last updated Jul 27, 2016