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Dealing with Flood Damage

Whether you have one inch or one foot of water in your basement, you need to know how to clean up the mess. You should start clean up as soon as the water recedes.

For Your Safety

For information about safety before and during a flood, see Flood Safety. Also see the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources web site about Flooding in Minnesota.

Cleaning up

Flooded lawns

If your lawn has been underwater for less than four days, it should survive. The following items will help:


For more information about cleaning up, go to the University of Minnesota Extension Service home page. Search for floods.

North Dakota State University has a number of files about Flood Information found on their website.

The American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) published the following information about Repairing Your Flooded Home.

Disclaimer: The items listed on this page are merely summaries of possible measures that can be used for dealing with flood damage. For more information about some specific how-to steps that you may want to consider, follow the provided links to other websites.

Last updated Jan 24, 2017