Get an E-Mail or Text Message when there is a Snow Emergency

The City of Minneapolis sends e-mail and text message alerts to thousands of people once a Snow Emergency is declared. This makes it possible to learn about Snow Emergencies at the office or when you’re on the road.

Note: We cannot guarantee that you will receive a message, so it's important that people continue to check the City's website or call 348-SNOW whenever snow falls and you think a Snow Emergency is likely. You must follow Snow Emergency parking rules, even if you don’t receive a Snow Emergency Alert.

To change your subscription settings or unsubscribe
To change your e-mail address, add a second e-mail address, or unsubscribe, see managing your subscriptions.

Subscribe to Text Message Alerts
To subscribe to text message alerts, you must first figure out your cell phone’s text message e-mail address. Once you have it, enter the e-mail address on the subscription page. Make sure you check the "Wireless Alerts" box so the alerts will be sent as text messages.

Please Note: Information you provide to the City is subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. This law classifies certain information as available to the public on request. If you subscribe, your e-mail address will be considered public information. For more information, see the City of Minneapolis Privacy Statement.




Last updated Dec 27, 2013