Climate Action Plan Advisory Groups

The process for updating the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan includes work and input provided by two types of advisory group that will meet regularly throughout the process:

  1. Three technical working groups that correspond to the largest greenhouse gas emissions sectors: Transportation & Land Use, Buildings & Energy, and Waste & Recycling, as well as an Environmental Justice working group.
  2. A Steering Committee

All meetings are open to the public. All materials from these meetings can be viewed at the Climate Action Plan Meeting Calendar & Materials page. You can view a roster of working group and Steering Committee members here.

Working Groups

The three technical working groups are composed of technical experts, government and agency partners, business representatives, community representatives and members of the Community Environmental Advisory Commission (CEAC). The charge of the working groups is to understand the greenhouse gas emissions from the relevant sector, develop potential greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies and apply evaluation criteria (pdf), provide feedback from their affiliated organizations and constituents and ultimately, recommend strategies in their sector to the Steering Committee.

The charge of the Environmental Justice working group is to review the final recommendations of all three technical working groups and provide comments on potential environmental justice and social equity outcomes of the proposed goals and strategies. The group will also identify strategies and goals that may have disparate impacts across the community. The Steering Committee will take this review into consideration as it recommends a final plan for Council adoption.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of government and agency partners, City Council representatives, business representatives, community representatives and two members of each working group. The charge of the Steering Committee is to review all the strategy recommendations from the working groups and ultimately make a recommendation about the plan to the City Council.

Last updated Feb 8, 2013