Timeline for changes to City government

We outline the steps for implementing our new government structure.
November 2, 2021


On Election Day, City Question 1 - Government Structure was approved by voters.

Yes 74,037 52.41%
No 67,228 47.59%

The ballot question needed at least 51% Yes votes in order to pass.

November 18, 2021

Mayor forms Government Structure Work Group

He instructed the Work Group to:

  • Recommend an operating structure and appropriate resources to enable the Mayor to perform his new leadership role
  • Provide options for the Mayor's roles and responsibilities based on comparable cities, best practices, and the law
  • Provide options for how the City's administration, under the Mayor's leadership, can support the City Council in its official legislative and oversight functions

Read about the Work Group process

December 3, 2021


Charter Amendment No. 184 - Government Structure became legally effective.

Mayor Frey marked new government structure with first official administration meeting

January 3, 2022

New terms began

The newly-elected Mayor and Council Members was sworn into office.

  • The Mayor began a four-year term (2022-2025).
  • All Council Members began two-year terms due to redistricting (2022-2023).
February 8, 2022

City Clerk makes first presentation on new government structure

March 4, 2022

Government Structure Work Group outlines options for new City structure

Mayor Jacob Frey’s Government Structure Work Group outlined its recommendations for City’s new Executive Mayor-Legislative Council system of government.

Read their recommendations and report

March 22, 2022

Mayor outlines his recommendations for new government structure

Mayor Frey presented his recommended executive government structure proposal to the Minneapolis City Council’s Committee of the Whole.

Learn more about the proposed structure

April 26, 2022

Mayor updates City Council on proposed government structure

June 30, 2022

Council creates new positions and begins process to create new offices

City Council took several actions to further implement the new government structure at its June 30 meeting

  • They created the new, executive-level appointed positions of:
    • City Operations Officer
    • Community Safety Commissioner
  • They noticed an ordinance to amend the Code to create the new Office of Public Service and the new Office of Community Safety, part of the Mayor’s proposed executive organizational structure.
July 7, 2022

Mayor Frey nominates City’s first Community Safety Commissioner

Mayor Jacob Frey announced his nomination of Dr. Cedric Alexander as the City’s first Commissioner of Community Safety. He will lead the new Office of Community Safety, which includes Police, Fire, Emergency Management, 911 and a new Neighborhood Safety Department.

Learn more about Dr. Alexander

August 8, 2022

Dr. Cedric Alexander sworn in as new Community Safety Commissioner

Dr. Cedric Alexander was confirmed by City Council on August 4 and sworn in as the new Community Safety Commissioner on August 8.

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