Ward 10 priorities

Here are just a few of the things we've already accomplished and what we'll keep working on.

Right to Counsel

Having access to a lawyer can make the difference between keeping or losing your home. Many low-income residents do not have access to legal support when facing eviction. Passing a Right to Counsel ordinance will ensure legal support for all low-income tenants facing eviction. Many other cities and jurisdictions have enacted a Right to Counsel in order to take a system-wide approach to shifting outcomes to support housing stability.

Learn more about the Right to Counsel ordinance

Read common questions about the Right to Counsel ordinance

See the Right to Counsel ordinance (2021-00654)

Occupancy restriction changes

The Housing Code currently limits the number of people allowed to live together to one family that must be related by blood, marriage or domestic partnership. Restricting occupancy by family isn’t inclusive to the many households types that live together.

Council President Bender proposes changes to these restrictions to make our housing code more inclusive.

Learn about changes to occupancy restrictions


Rent stabilization

Council President Bender and Council Members Gordon & Ellison have given notice to introduce a charter amendment that will allow for rent stabilization in Minneapolis for the November 2021 ballot.

Eviction protections

Council President Bender and Council Members Gordon & Ellison have given notice to bring forward an Eviction Protection Ordinance. It includes "Just Cause" eviction and “Pay or Quit” (also known as pre-eviction notification).

What we've done

Expanding housing options and improving development quality

  • Legalized accessory dwelling units, or "granny flats" citywide to provide more housing options across the city (2014).
  • Directed staff to assess Minneapolis' existing housing stock on an ongoing basis and identify policies and programs that will retain and expand housing options and stabilize neighborhoods across the city (2014).
  • Updated our zoning regulations for homeless shelters to decouple them from religious institutions and allow small emergency shelters in every Minneapolis neighborhood (2015).
  • Revised off-street parking regulations for new multifamily housing near transit (2015).
  • Completed the historic designation of the Lowry Hill East Historic District (2015).
  • Implemented City Planning Commission building materials guidelines to improve quality of housing development (2014).
  • Authored mixed-income housing requirement so that all new housing buildings over 20 units are required to include affordable housing (2019).
  • Lead adoption of the Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan update for the City to guide land use and infrastructure policies centering race equity and environmental justice (2018).
  • Legalized small multi-family residential buildings in all Minneapolis neighborhoods (2018).
  • Amended the zoning code to remove outdated occupancy limits for unrelated adults (2018).

Improving streets for walking, biking, and transit and increasing transportation choice

  • Added protected bike lanes, pedestrian space, and additional greening at the Hennepin-Lyndale bottleneck (2014).
  • Supported implementation of the City's first two-way protected bikeway along 36th Street to Lake Bde Maka Ska and creating a pedestrian space on the south side of 36th Street along the cemetery for the first time (2014).
  • Established the Parklet pilot program and process for businesses to install parklets (2014).
  • Supported restructuring of transportation planning in Public Works to deliver projects that better reflect community needs (2014).
  • Made it easier for neighbors to host block parties and other events on their streets (2014).
  • Adopted the protected bikeways plan with our priority network for implementation (2015).
  • Finalized design and construction timeline for the 29th Street Shared Street (2015).
  • Directed staff to develop an ordinance governing car sharing services to ensure access across the city (2015).
  • Added standalone, ongoing funding for additional protected bikeways, sidewalk ice and snow removal at corners and at bus stops (2015).
  • Authored a staff direction to undertake a winter maintenance study to ensure our bike lanes and sidewalks are usable year-round (2015).
  • Authored a complete streets policy for the city that prioritizes walking, bicycling, and taking transit (2016).
  • Co-authored a 20 year streets and parks funding plan to close neighborhood park and street funding gaps, which uses a race equity lens for funding priorities (2016).
  • Co-authored the expansion of the uptown pedestrian-oriented overlay district to promote pedestrian safety (2016).
  • Lead successful acquisition and assembly of land to support the Reopening of Nicollet Avenue at Lake Street and transit improvements on the Nicollet-Central corridor (2014-2020).
  • Championed implementation of bus-only lane on Hennepin Avenue (2019)
  • Supported adoption of a Vision Zero plan to eliminate serious injuries and deaths from car crashes (2019)
  • Leading development of Transportation Action Plan with focus on race equity and reducing climate change impacts (ongoing)

Advancing racial and economic justice

  • Supported repealing outdated spitting and lurking ordinances that disproportionately criminalized people of color (2015).
  • Supported a study to determine the effects of a local or regional minimum wage increase (2015).
  • Co-author of the state's first earned sick and safe time ordinance (2016).
  • Organized the first Workers' Day at City Hall as an opportunity for workers to bring their concerns to policy makers (2017).
  • Co-authored the Comprehensive Plan goals resolution establishing the City's commitment to equity (2017).
  • Co-author of the Minneapolis municipal minimum wage ordinance, lifting all workers up to $15/hour by 2024 (2017).
  • Supported adoption of the City’s first Strategic Race Equity Action Plan (2018)
  • Secured funding for enforcement of paid sick time, minimum wage and wage theft violations (2019)

Protecting our Health and the Environment

  • Worked with Hennepin County to roll back a proposal for expanded garbage burning at the HERC (2014).
  • Supported local agriculture and environmental sustainability by making it easier to keep honeybees in the city (2014).
  • Helped create a first-in-the-nation clean energy partnership with CenterPoint and Xcel Energy to meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals (2014).
  • Supported expansion of farm stands and strengthened requirements for healthy foods at corner stores (2014)
  • Added e-cigarettes to Minneapolis' Clean Indoor Air Act (2014).
  • Declared October to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the City of Minneapolis for the first time and declared October 13 to be Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day (2014, and yearly thereafter).
  • Helped secure funding for curbside composting service for all of Minneapolis (2015).
  • Updated our zoning regulations to allow for people to store their own composting bins in between pick up days (2015).
  • Advanced the work of the Minneapolis Youth Congress to ban flavored tobacco in convenience stores and gas stations (2015).
  • Co-author of an ordinance to expand the flavored tobacco ban to include menthol cigarettes (2017).
  • Supported the establishment of the Office of Violence Prevention in the Health Department to fund community-based safety strategies (2018)