Statement on the Shooting at Little Earth

On April 25, 2018, a shooting took place at the Little Earth community which left six people injured.

Statement on the Shooting at Little Earth

Dear Neighbors,

This past Wednesday night, a shooting took place at the Little Earth community which left six people injured. My heart goes out to the victims, their families, and to our entire Phillips neighborhood during this difficult time. We know that violence at this scale impacts victims as well as everyone around them.

Read details of the incident on the Minneapolis Police Department website

I am thankful no one has died and that officers from the Third Precinct were already nearby and responded quickly, taking three suspects into custody and recovering a gun. Thank you to the witnesses who were very cooperative and to our Police Chief Arradondo who reached out to Little Earth leadership promptly after the shooting was reported. Deepest gratitude to Mayor Frey for reaching out to me to offer his help and support.

Below I detail the immediate actions that are taking place to respond to this tragedy. We will continue to update you here on this website about the ongoing work the City will spearhead in collaboration with the community to address this type of violence and promote community safety:

Inspector Sullivan has added an officer to the Little Earth Beat Team and they will remain in Little Earth on foot for continued presence and to support community outreach efforts.

Police Chief Arradondo has authorized funds to extend the hours of the Little Earth Beat Team and increase the presence and visibility of law enforcement in the community.

The Third Precinct Community Response Team (CRT) will have an enhanced uniformed presence in and around the community.
The CRT will continue to focus on enforcement related to narcotics in Little Earth and the surrounding areas. Police Chief Arradondo has authorized additional funds to support the expansion of CRT activities.

The MPD Gang Enforcement Team will be increasing their presence in and around Little Earth focusing on interrupting gang activity.

Minneapolis Park Police will be patrolling the Cedar Field Park.
MPD has participated in a Public Safety meeting with Little Earth leadership to identify and collaborate on specific safety efforts stemming from this incident.

$50,000 has been devoted to Collaborative Safety Strategies that funds new, innovative violence interruption strategies led by residents and families who live in the Little Earth community.

I will be sharing more information on this website about this incident as things progress and evolve. In the meantime, please keep the victims and their families in your thoughts and reach out to my office with any questions. You can also call the Minneapolis Police Department Tip Line anonymously at 612.692.8477(TIPS) to share any information that you think is relevant to help solve the current investigation.

Council Member Alondra Cano

May 3, 2018