Find assistance with rent and housing as eviction moratorium ends

July 2, 2021

With the end of the State peacetime emergency preventing property owners or managers from evicting residents for not paying rent, Gov. Walz has signed the Housing Omnibus bill into law. The law includes a policy guiding property owners and renters in an orderly transition from the eviction moratorium. The policy requires a property owner or manager who intends on filing an eviction for non-payment of rent to provide a written notice to their renter, along with information about rental assistance, 15 days before filing an eviction proceeding with the courts between now and Oct. 12. 

This law also prohibits a property owner or manager from evicting a renter if the renter has a pending application for COVID-19 emergency rental assistance at the state or local level until June 1, 2022. The renter must be able to prove that they’ve applied for rental assistance. Renters may apply for COVID-19 emergency rental assistance at

I have questions about my specific housing situation and how it relates to the end of the eviction moratorium. Who should I contact?

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