Frey lifts mask mandate in Minneapolis

June 1, 2021

Today, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey signed Emergency Regulation 2021-3, immediately lifting the City’s local mask requirement established in Emergency Regulation 2020-12, which has been in place since May 2020. Currently, 78.6% of Minneapolis residents (15+ population) have received at least one vaccine shot (either a single dose or first dose of two) of a COVID-19 vaccine. As the city approaches an 80% adult vaccination rate, positive case figures continue to trend down with the City’s 7-day rolling average of new daily cases per 100,000 consistently below 10. Currently, 69% of all Minneapolis residents aged 15+ are fully immunized.

“Throughout the pandemic we’ve taken a data-driven approach to making public health decisions, and now in the final stretch we will continue following the science,” said Frey “After a thorough review of public health data, Minneapolis is reaching vaccination rates above the recommended threshold for safely lifting this policy - but it doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. Our team at the local level will continue working with trusted community partners and neighboring jurisdictions to expand our outreach efforts in BIPOC and immigrant neighborhoods.”

The City’s Health Department will continue to emphasize equity and inclusion in its outreach efforts with an increased focus on providing vaccine education and access to Black, Indigenous, Asian-Pacific Islander, Latinx, East African and people of color. These efforts include: 

  • Free vaccination sites at public housing high rises
  • Presentations and door-to-door outreach to nonprofits and community-based organizations on common questions and concerns about vaccines
  • Regular email communication in English, Spanish and Somali to more than 8,000 licensed business owners inviting them and their staff to get vaccinated
  • Vaccination education content on the City’s regularly scheduled cultural radio programs on KMOJ, La Raza (Spanish), KALY (Somali) and WIXK (Hmong)
  • Partnerships with cultural community organizations to help distribute information to their community networks and serve as a sounding board for the information their communities need
  • Health and Civil Rights departments are working together to develop and distribute information about workers’ right to sick time off for getting vaccinated

Masks will still be required for everyone inside schools as the State's "Safe Learning Plan" remains in place until the last day of school. Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), and other local jurisdictions, may still set their own masking policies. MPS will announce their summer school plan for masks and other COVID-19 mitigation measures in the coming weeks.

Visitors and employees will continue to be encouraged to wear a mask in municipal buildings, however, it will not be a requirement. When visiting a private home, business or store, City staff will bring a mask with them and follow the guidance provided by that private entity. The City will continue to make masks available to businesses and organizations at no cost. Masks may be requested online. Additionally, trainings on workplace safety are available online.