Frey, Palmisano, MPD highlight sustained recruitment push and reform recommendations to Field Training Officer Program on heels of audit presentation

June 28, 2021

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey lauded Council Member Linea Palmisano for leading a joint effort by the City’s Audit Committee and Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) to study the department’s Field Training Officer (FTO) program. Today Commander Darcy Horn, who oversees the MPD’s Training Division, presented the findings of a report along with joint recommendations from the Audit Committee. The report identified several areas to reform and improve the FTO program and processes, including offering incentives to officers who serve as FTOs, controls for ensuring consistency across trainings, higher standards for selection to serve as an FTO, and quality assurance measures for supervisors.

As the City embarks on a historic recruitment push, Frey is committing to including funding for changes to the FTO program in his 2022 budget proposal, which will be released in August.

“Minneapolis has a historic opportunity to create a more just police department and equitable community safety system,” said Frey. “Realizing that opportunity will require getting the right officers into the department – and ensuring every facet of their introduction to the department is rooted in procedural justice and our core value to serve the community with integrity. Developing higher standards and offering incentives for those who serve as Field Training Officers while adding accountability measures to the program will move Minneapolis in the right direction.”  

Palmisano commended the work of the city’s Audit department and underscored the need to continue working collaboratively with the mayor’s office and police department to advance meaningful reforms to the department.

“Today’s report offers a path forward for ensuring influential Field Training Officer roles are staffed by officers who embody core community values,” said Palmisano. “Additional layers of accountability and specialized training will help support officers stepping into these important positions and further bolster our commitment to creating meaningful change within the Minneapolis Police Department.”

“Our Field Training Program is a focal point in our work to serve the community immediately and in the long-term,” said MPD Deputy Chief Amelia Huffman. “By examining where there’s room for improvement and acting on those findings, we can take a meaningful step forward to building trust in the midst of a major push to bring new officers into the MPD.” 

Read the report presented to the Audit Committee.