City Council approves Fair Notice ordinance in effort to reduce evictions

May 28, 2021

The City Council has passed a Fair Notice ordinance to increase housing security and reduce the rate of evictions, which disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous and people of color in Minneapolis. It also comes in anticipation of changes or an end to the eviction moratorium that has been in place throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ordinance requires property owners to give renters notice at least 14 days before initiating eviction proceedings for non-payment of rent explaining the basis for the eviction action. The ordinance is similar to a policy recently adopted in St. Louis Park.

The goal is to ensure communication between renters and property owners and provide renters with information about available legal and financial assistance to prevent evictions. 

The Council also passed a staff direction today directing the City Attorney’s Office to research and make a recommendation about adding a provision in the ordinance that would prohibit the filing of an eviction action based on nonpayment of rent against a renter who has applied for federal, state or local government assistance. The Council also directed Community Planning & Economic Development staff to report back to the Council one year after the ordinance’s implementation with a recommendation about lengthening the notice requirement from 14 to 30 days.

The ordinance builds on other City policies addressing the challenges facing renters in Minneapolis, such as the renter protections ordinance approved by the City Council in 2019 that caps security deposits at a maximum of one month’s rent and provides property owners guidelines for screening potential renters. The City also has a Renter-First Housing Policy that affirms the City’s commitment to advancing renter protections and developing new tools to support affordability and stability in rental housing.