Emergency preparedness

We offer resources to help you prepare for and deal with emergency situations.
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Disasters can strike at any time.

Get help before, during and after an emergency.


Minneapolis provides resources so you can

  • Prepare for various emergency situations
  • Stay informed during emergencies
  • Help yourself and others before and during emergencies

Severe weather

Severe weather, such as winter storms, heavy rain and extreme cold, can cause:

  • Property damage
  • Flooding
  • Injury and death
  • Power and communications outages


To prepare for severe weather, you can:


Minneapolis provides several warnings about severe weather:

  • Sirens:
    • We use sirens for many types of severe weather.
    • When you hear a siren, find shelter and check for updated local weather and news.
    • Sirens sound for about three minutes and then go silent.
  • Emails and phone calls:


Threats to public health and safety

Public health

The Minnesota Department of Health leads Minnesota's response to public health emergencies. The City works closely with them on public health emergencies like the coronavirus.

See Minneapolis coronavirus resources

Public safety

Here's what to do about the following public safety issues:

How to help and prepare

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