Solid Waste and Recycling add-ons

Beyond the base fee, you will see add-on fees that reflect your use of our services.

Chart of add-on fees

Your utility bill may reflect add-ons to the base fee. These add-ons reflect additional services provided by the City.

These fees apply only to people using the City's Solid Waste & Recycling services.

Base fee

See if you have City collection service

See Garbage and Recycling Service Change Form

Service CircumstancesAmount
Cart return

We may remove a cart because:

  • You are not participating in our recycling or organics recycling program
  • You are consistently placing non-recyclable or non-compostable items in your cart

You can request the cart be returned.

$15 before three months

Free after three months

Change to cart size You want to change the size of your cart within six months of making a change. 

$15 within six months of getting the original cart

Free after six months

Extra garbage cart If your cart is consistently overflowing, we will deliver an additional cart $5 per month
Extra cart removal If you want to return the additional garbage, recycling or organics cart we assigned you $15 within six months of delivery
Cart at curb after 7 a.m.

If you do not remove your carts from the curb by 7 a.m. the day after collection

See City Ordinance 225.680

$12 per cart
Dirty collection area If you do not keep your collection area clean, we will clean it for you and charge a fee based on how many times we clean it each year.

Clean-up 1– $181/hour or $100 minimum, whichever is greater

Clean-up 2– $200 minimum charge

Clean-up 3 – $300 minimum charge

Clean-up 4 or more – $400 minimum charge

Visible street address numbers

If collection crews cannot see your street address, we will install easily visible numbers.

See City Ordinance 225.620

$18 for numbers and installation
Clearing snow around your carts

You are responsible for clearing snow from the area around your carts.

See City Ordinance 225.680

$30 per cart
Combining cleanup and/or tire vouchers This cannot be paid at the South Transfer Station. It will be added to your utility bill. 

$15 per voucher being combined


Exceeding the voucher weight  See Drop off Items & Fees Excess weight fee + $10 processing fee
Exceeding the tire or large item limit per voucher See Drop-off Items & Fees  Excess per piece fee + 10 processing fee



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