Water service

We explain how to start, stop or transfer water service.

Start water service

What you need

To start water service, you need:

  • A deed, closing disclosure or settlement agreement to show you own the property, or
  • A copy of your lease to prove you are renting the property

Timeline and process

  • It may take up to three business days to process your request.
  • You need to complete the Application for New Water Service form

Complete the application for new water service


  • There is no charge to you, as long as the water has not been turned off.
  • If the water has been turned off, there is a $53 fee to turn it back on. 

Stop or transfer water service

If you move, you must

  • Stop your water service, or
  • Transfer it if moving to a new location in Minneapolis

In both cases, we

  • Need to read your water meter before you move
  • May need to enter your property to read the meter

If you transfer service and use online bill pay through your bank, be sure to update your utility account number.

Two ways to stop or transfer your water service

  • Call Customer Service
  • Do it online using your utility billing account
    • Go to Service Requests
    • Select Disconnect Service to stop your service
    • Select Transfer of Service to transfer your service if moving to a new location in Minneapolis

Log in to your utility billing account (Premium Access)

If your water's been turned off

If your water was turned off for nonpayment

  • You must pay the total balance due and contact Customer Service.
  • We'll restore water service within 24 hours after you pay the balance due and contact us.

If your water was turned off for another reason

  • Make an appointment with Customer Service.

Complete the form

  • To allow the City to turn your water back on if you will not be present at the property.

Contact Customer Service

Fill out a Water Release form

Water service pipes

Property owner responsibilities

  • Property owners must:
    • Maintain the pipe between the water meter and the City's water main.
    • Keep the pipe in good working condition.

See City Ordinance 509.340. - Ownership and responsibility

Release of liability

Before we remove or replace your water meter

  • You may need to sign a Plumbing Release Form.
  • The form releases the City of liability for the pipes in case they break or leak.

Get the Plumbing Release Form

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Closed on City Holidays

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