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Business Profile: Safesha

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Sylvia Andrews with her Safesha line of products at Lundss

When Sylvia Andrews began using green household products in her home, she also discovered a need for more natural personal care products. So, in July 2014, she started Safesha, a line of natural hand sanitizers fragranced with scents like lavender and sweet orange. The product is meant to cleanse hands without leaving them dry and sticky. Inspired by African culture and wanting the product to reflect her own identity, Sylvia chose to name her company Safesha, a Swahili word which means to cleanse or wash.  
Sylvia connected with the City and B-TAP after attending a Minority and Women Owned Business Opportunity fair in St. Paul. Afterwards, she began working with James Terrell, a Senior Project Coordinator at CPED, who has helped Sylvia better understand the services, programs and community partnerships that B-TAP provides.
One of Sylvia’s missions for Safesha is to create more employment opportunities for minorities and women who might not have a chance otherwise. She currently employs anywhere from three to five people, and plans to grow her company by introducing new product lines and increasing their geographic reach. Currently, Safesha products are distributed in 90 stores across the Twin Cities, Iowa, North and South Dakota, and California.

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Last updated Apr 22, 2016