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Business Profile: Taqueria La Hacienda

STEP-UP Collage

Miguel’s mural is even brighter and more colorful since installing LED lights with support from Great Streets program funding.

Miguel Zagal opened Taqueria La Hacienda in 1999 in Mercado Central at 1515 East Lake Street. Since then, he has expanded his business with two more locations: one at 334 East Lake Street open 24 hours on weekends and another at 2000 Williams Drive in Burnsville.
In January 2015, Miguel was approached by the Lake Street Council, an organization supported by the City of Minneapolis’ Great Streets Program, for improving the lighting and recycling of his 334 East Lake Street location. Though skeptical at first, he decided to take on both projects after seeing the long-term savings in utilities and the rebates he could receive with assistance from the Council and the Great Streets Program. Both projects took place throughout 2015 and included employee training to improve recycling efforts, which Miguel uses with new employees to this day, and LED lights inside and outside the building.
Since the upgrades, Miguel has noticed savings on his bills and is very happy with the results. Along with new, colorful chairs in his restaurant, he is now looking to paint the exterior and add clay trim to his windows.

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Last updated Aug 26, 2016