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Planning, Zoning & Development Review

As CPED works to grow a sustainable city, we provide planning and zoning tools and assistance, support the Minneapolis Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment, and review proposed development activity, in cooperation with other City departments.

Planning Tools & Assistance
Zoning Tools & Assistance
Development Review
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Planning Tools & Assistance

CPED is responsible for the creation, modification and implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the policy document that describes the City’s vision for growth and development.

CPED also works with community stakeholders to develop Small Area Plans that provide specific guidance for particular areas. Each sector of the city has a Community Planner to assist with local planning.

CPED staffs the Minneapolis Planning Commission, which is charged with long-range planning for the City and is responsible for advising the City Council on matters of development, zoning, and capital improvements.

Zoning Tools & Development Review

CPED is responsible for the creation, modification and enforcement of the Minneapolis Zoning Code. The Zoning Code provides a regulatory framework for the implementation of the city’s Comprehensive Plan in a manner that protects the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Minneapolis.

CPED provides the following technical bulletins to assist designers, developers, builders and community stakeholders to understand and prepare plans and proposals that are consistent with the city’s Zoning Code.

CPED collaborates with other City departments to facilitate the review of proposed development activity through the coordinated process called Minneapolis Development Review. CPED’s role is to ensure that proposed development is consistent with the City’s vision for growth and development, as described in its Comprehensive Plan, and with the regulatory framework provided by the Minneapolis Zoning Code.

CPED is also responsible for the preparation of documents related to environmental review, including federal Environmental Assessments and state-mandated Environmental Assessment Worksheets, Environmental Impact Statements and Alternative Urban Areawide Reviews.

Planning Permit Applications

The following map shows Planning Permit Applications submitted to the City within the last four weeks. A larger version of the map is also available at You can also sign up to receive an email when this map is updated.

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Last updated Nov 13, 2014