Purchasing Division

Towle Building
330 2nd Ave S., Room 552
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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The City of Minneapolis Purchasing Division handles most purchases of products for City departments and associated boards. Here you will find basic information about the City's purchasing procedures and ways to introduce your business to the City of Minneapolis.

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Notice to all suppliers

Equal Benefits Ordinance

The City of Minneapolis adopted an Equal Benefits Ordinance in 2004. This ordinance requires certain contractors to provide benefits to the domestic partners of their employees in certain conditions. It is the responsibility of the contractor to review and understand the requirements and applicability of this ordinance.

Please review the Equal Benefits Ordinance (pdf) for details.

Living Wage Ordinance

The City of Minneapolis adopted a Living Wage Policy that affects any City Contracts or any City business subsidy established or renewed after 12/31/2006. Unless otherwise exempt from the Ordinance as provided in Section 38.40 (c), any City Contract for services valued at $100,000 or more or any City financial assistance or subsidy valued at $100,000 or more will be subject to the Ordinance’s requirement that the Contractor and its sub-contractors pay their employees a "living wage" as defined and provided for in the Ordinance.

Please review the Living Wage Ordinance (pdf) for details.

Last updated Oct 12, 2016