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Important Notice for FIS Customers

Starting November 14, 2016, all contractors applying for Fire Inspection Permits that require plan review will need to submit plans electronically. You can find more information about the guidelines for ePlan requirements here. You will be notified at the time of application how to log into Project Dox (a web based e-plan solution) and upload plans.

This change is part of the launch of our new Enterprise Land Management System, or "ELMS."  ELMS will be integrated with other City systems improving interagency collaboration and data sharing capabilities. Data that formerly appeared in only one place at a time will now be simultaneously available to all staff needing the information. 

Benefits of the new Enterprise Land Management System

  • Improved ability to serve customers in-person and online
  • Improved customer satisfaction from standardized and repeatable business processes
  • Access to real-time information and enhanced online licensing, permitting and plan submission functions
  • Reduce public’s need to come to City counters in person by providing online access to information
  • Improved sharing of information and status on common projects through automated workflows replacing manual processes
  • Electronic Plan Review will improve collaboration among departments and eliminate the need to circulate paper plans
  • Data consolidation, improved data integrity and broader information sharing among all City departments
  • Integration with multiple City systems (Financials, Master Addressing, GIS, Govern, Document Management, and 311) providing an enterprise view of land related information
  • Enhanced mobile inspection capability
  • Enhanced public portal will improve online access to apply, access and purchase licenses and permits
  • Enhanced billing and cashiering will enable business process changes to improve billing to customers and payment acceptance from customers


Fire Inspections Services

Fire Inspection Services' mission is to help reduce the negative impact from fire and other related emergencies through community education, focused hazard mitigation, and code enforcement. The division is charged with issuing key permits related to fire protection and prevention and performing plan review of new and rehabbed properties to ensure safety and adherence to the Minnesota State Fire Code.

In addition, Fire Inspection Services works in partnership with the Minneapolis Fire Department to ensure that commercial properties and high occupancy dwelling units (structures with 4 or more housing units) are safe and meet the requirements of the Minnesota State Fire Code and local building and/or Housing Maintenance Codes.

Finally, Fire Inspection Services conducts regular inspections and issues permits to business owners who have hazardous chemicals or materials stored on their property. This critical program helps ensure the safety of the City’s residents, visitors, and our own first responders (police, fire, EMS) when they are called to assist.

Fire Inspections Services Information:


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