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News Release

September 16, 2016. Appraisers from the City of Minneapolis Assessor’s Office will soon be conducting an official review of residential properties in the Jordan neighborhood.
State law requires that appraisers from the City of Minneapolis physically review all properties in the City once every five years. This ensures that the Assessor’s Office has the most current and accurate information to properly value all properties throughout the City.  Appraisers carry a City identification card and are required to show it if asked.
Appraisers will be viewing the exterior of the resident’s property and will knock on their door to verify property information (if resident is home).  Appraisers may also ask for permission to the view the interior of the home (at the time of the review or at a later time via appointment) depending on if there are data discrepancies, such as changes in condition.

If residents have any questions about property reviews, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 612-673-2483.

2016 Property Tax Exemption Reapplication – ongoing

Minnesota State law, M.S. 272.025, requires owners of exempt property to re-file on certain properties exempt from the general property tax every 6 years. The following exempt properties need to re-file:



Private Schools


Publishing Houses

Nursing Homes


Parking Lots

Vacant Land


Charitable Institutions



·        Institution of Purely Public Charity Tax Exemption Application

·        Property Tax Exemption Application

·         Nursing Home/Boarding Care Homes Tax Exemption Application  

·         Supporting Documentation (list of documents that should accompany an application)
Church organizations and other institutions are not required to re-file on a church or house of worship which is solely and exclusively used for worship purposes.  If a single parcel contains both a house of worship and another use, for example, a convent, food shelf or daycare, then an application must be filed for the convent, food shelf or daycare, but not for the church building or house of worship itself.
If you have any question regarding your filing status, please contact the Minneapolis Assessor’s Office at 612-673-3535 or 612-673-3636.
Mail the completed forms to:
Attn: Patrick Todd or Millicent Flowers
309 2nd Avenue South Room 100
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55401






VIDEO: How Do Assessors Determine Our Home's Worth?

If you feel a mistake has been made in valuing your property, we encourage you to contact our office. We can review the property characteristics and appraisal methods used to determine your most recent assessed value. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you. Call 311 or (612) 673-3000.

Please note: There are deadlines if you want to request an appeal. Please refer to the Assessment Appeals Process for further information.

Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program

The Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program is meant to help seniors who are having difficulty paying their homestead property taxes. You may qualify for the program if both of the following are true

-- You or your spouse is age 65 or older.

-- Your household income is $60,000 or less.

How does it work?

If you enroll, the amount of property tax you pay is limited to 3 percent of your total household income for as long as you participate in the program. Any tax above that amount is temporarily paid by the state on your behalf.

This deferred tax must be repaid (with interest) to the state when you sell or transfer your home, or when your property no longer qualifies for the program.

For program details, enrollment and repayment information:
Read our fact sheet, Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral
See Form CR-SCD, Property Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens

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