Invoices and payments

We explain how to prepare and submit an invoice to the City.

How to prepare

We outline all the information we require on your invoice.

Bill to City of Minneapolis Accounts Payable
*Ship to

Include City or Park Board:

  • Department
  • Division
  • Address
*Purchase Order (PO) number: MPLMN0000XXXXXX
Invoice date Include month, day and year
Invoice number This is your business's invoice number
*Contract number COM000XXXX
Description of invoice Description of goods or services provided
Cost of good or services

Invoice amount due, indicating quantity and unit price

*Confirm details with the City contact listed on your contract. 

How to submit

We prefer that you email your invoice. It's the fastest way for you to get paid. 

  • You can submit your invoice from your eSupplier account.
  • Do not include information in the body of your email. Accounts Payable cannot review information there.
  • Attach each invoice as a single PDF, including attachments like timesheets.
    • Only include one invoice in a PDF.
    • You can send multiple invoices or PDFs in an email.

If you are not able to email your invoice, send it by U.S. Mail.

Send all invoices to Accounts Payable

Prompt payment

To ensure prompt payment of your invoice.

  • Enroll in our direct deposit program
  • Make sure your invoice includes all of the information we require.
  • Submit your invoice by email.

We scan all invoices into our automated invoice processing system. This allows us to review, approve and pay invoices quickly.

State Statute 471.425 requires us to pay you promptly 

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Mailing address to submit an invoice

City of Minneapolis
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