Illegal dumping

We explain what illegal dumping is and how to report it.


Illegal dumping is putting household or commercial garbage, litter or other items:

  • On private property without the property owner’s permission
  • Into any garbage cart, dumpster or container on someone else’s property
  • Into public trash containers

The property owner is responsible for cleaning up illegally dumped material. If you're the victim of illegal dumping, report it.

Report illegal dumping

Reporting illegal dumping

If you see illegal dumping

Get a description of the person and their vehicle. If possible, go through the material and look for postmarked mail with a name and address. Never confront an illegal dumper yourself.

File a report

If you see illegal dumping in progress, call 911. If you notice illegal dumping has happened, contact 311.

After you make a report

Solid Waste & Recycling handles reports of illegal dumping on private property. We will:

  • Provide low- or no-cost disposal options
  • Provide prevention tips. We may connect victims with their Crime Prevention Specialist
  • Collect evidence and photograph the material
  • Look at the evidence to try to identify the violator and take legal action


The following can serve as evidence:

  • A license plate number and vehicle description
  • One or more pieces of postmarked mail with a name and address

You do not have to have evidence to report illegal dumping, but City staff will not search illegally dumped material for evidence.

We consider mail evidence valid if:

  • It's addressed to a person
  • It has a postmark from the United States Postal Service
  • The name and address are current
  • We can reasonably assume the mail was dumped with the material

We consider vehicle evidence valid if:

  • The license plate number and make, model and color of the reported vehicle match the registered vehicle information
  • The license plate number is not listed as stolen or inactive
  • The license plate is registered in Minnesota

Tips to prevent illegal dumping

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