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Rental tiering dashboard

2024 Rental tiering dashboard

You can view details on rental properties in Minneapolis. This includes who manages the property, scores and conditions.
311 Property Complaint Dashboard

311 Property complaint dashboard

You can view the past year of housing and commercial complaints sent to Regulatory Services.
City greenhouse gas emissions dashboard image

Citywide greenhouse gas emissions dashboard

You can view major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Minneapolis and targets for reduction.
 Civil Unrest & COVID-19 Recovery Investments Dashboard thumbnail

COVID-19 and civil unrest recovery investments dashboard

You can see how the City supported recovery from COVID-19 and civil unrest through financial help.
Crime dashboard tile

Crime dashboard

You can explore Minneapolis crime data.
Green Zone area indicators dashboard

Green zone area indicators dashboard

You can view how the City defined our green zones areas. We base these zones on different metrics.
Inclusionary Zoning Tracker visualization thumbnail

Inclusionary zoning tracker dashboard

New market rate projects with 20 or more units must include affordable housing. You can view the dashboards that track this data.
Police discipline decision dashboard

Police discipline decision dashboard

You can see a summary of the Chief's discipline and investigations.
Use of force dashboard

Use of force dashboard

Our dashboard provides data about the use of force by Minneapolis police.
Residential Median Estimated Market Value

Residential median estimated market value dashboard

You can view median estimated market values by neighborhood for residential property in Minneapolis.
Community gardens dashboard

Community gardens dashboard

You can find all available and in-use community garden lots in Minneapolis.
Office of police conduct review data portal

Office of Police Conduct Review data dashboard

You can use this dashboard to track police misconduct claims and cases.