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Office of police conduct review data portal

Office of Police Conduct Review data dashboard

You can use this dashboard to track police misconduct claims and cases.
Residential Median Estimated Market Value

Residential median estimated market value dashboard

You can view median estimated market values by neighborhood for residential property in Minneapolis.
City greenhouse gas emissions dashboard image

Citywide greenhouse gas emissions dashboard

You can view major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Minneapolis and targets for reduction.
2020 Ward 6 special election dashboard

2020 Ward 6 special election dashboard

Our dashboards shows data for the 2020 Ward 6 special election. The people of Minneapolis elected Jamal Osman as Council Member for Ward 6.
Youth dashboard

Minneapolis youth dashboard

You can explore youth demographics in Minneapolis.
MACC dashboard

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control dashboard

You can see how we create safe and healthy communities for people and animals.
 Civil Unrest & COVID-19 Recovery Investments Dashboard thumbnail

COVID-19 and civil unrest recovery investments dashboard

You can see how the City supported recovery from COVID-19 and civil unrest through financial help.
energy benchmarking results dashboard

Energy benchmarking results dashboard

You can find a building's energy use data.
APRA spending results dashboard thumbnail

ARPA spending survey results dashboard

You can see the responses from the public for how the City should spend the American Rescue Plan Act (APRA) money received.
Minneapolis poverty dashboard

Minneapolis poverty dashboard

You can explore data about poverty in Minneapolis.
2022 Bike and scooter compliance dashboard

2022 Bike and scooter compliance dashboard

You can see where people have reported bike or scooter issues and if the program is in compliance.
Fire permits dashboard

Fire permits dashboard

You can view the fire permit and licenses data for a property in Minneapolis.