Ethical Practices Board

The Ethical Practices Board (EPB) promotes high ethical standards and conduct. It fosters a healthy ethical culture in Minneapolis government.

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The Ethical Practices Board is defined in the Ethics Code. The board’s duties include investigating complaints from City employees and members of the public and issuing advisory opinions.

When the board receives a complaint, it reviews the allegations by interpreting the Ethics Code, makes findings, and reports its official decisions. The City’s Ethics Officer responds to local officials and employee questions about the Ethics Code and offer opinions on interpretations.

When the Ethics Code is violated

An employee who violates the Ethics Code may be disciplined, up to and including losing their job.

If the board finds that the Ethics Code has been violated then it reports its findings to the Mayor, City Council, and the department head. The board also makes a recommendation on discipline for the violation.

See Code of Ordinances § 15. 240 (a)