We explain the role of our sewer system and the part you play.
Minneapolis has 830 miles of sanitary sewers
Minneapolis has 830 miles of sanitary sewers

Why you need sewer service

All water that drains out of your property from sinks, toilets or appliances runs through the City's sewer system.

Learn how to get sewer service at your property

Property owner responsibilities

You must maintain parts of your sanitary sewer pipes, vents and traps.

Find out more about home sewer maintenance

Find out more about the Minneapolis sewer system

You must contact us if your sewer backs up

  • Contact Sewer Maintenance to find out if the problem was caused by a public sewer. There is no charge for this service.
  • If the problem is not in the public sewer, you may need to call a professional contractor to assess the issue. 

Contact sewer maintenance 

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Current rates and fees

We provide a details about our rates and fees for each utility service.

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Surface Water & Sewers

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