Bicycle share

Bike sharing allows you to check out bicycles for short trips.
Cycle around the city
Cycle around the city

Bike share changes

The Minneapolis bike share program is in transition for 2022. Check back for updates.

Your ride around the city

Nice Ride Minnesota is a local non-profit. It operates the bike sharing system yearly from April to November. As of 2014, Nice Ride operated a fleet of 1,550 bicycles and 170 stations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

How to ride

Individuals must buy a membership or pass to check out bicycles. They offer memberships and passes at daily, monthly, and yearly rates.

Bike use and features

Nice Ride has designed the bicycles for everyday trips.

Each bike has:

  • Three speeds
  • Comfortable seating
  • A chain guard
  • Basket
  • Fenders and lights

Contact Nice Ride MN

Nice Ride Minnesota

You can find more information about the Nice Ride bike share program.

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