Body camera data request

We explain who can request video footage from a police body camera and how to request it.

Rules and requirements

State law and rules

The Minneapolis Police Department follows Minnesota state law and rules about releasing body camera footage. The law says that a body camera is a portable recording system that collects digital evidence.

Read the law and rules:

The Police Department also has its own guidelines related to the release of body camera footage.

Read the Minneapolis body camera data guidelines

Who can request data

State law says that police officers and people who are the subject of video footage are data subjects. Data subjects can request to see footage.

How to request

  • Read the rules on the body camera data request form
  • If you qualify, download the form and complete it
  • Request body camera data by:
    • Making an online request
    • Appearing in-person at the Minneapolis Public Service Center

Request release to a third party

Who can request

The subject of video footage can give a written OK to release data to a third party. Approved third parties include:

  • Lawyers
  • Insurance companies
  • Family members

Authorized members of the following government organizations can also request video data:

  • Law enforcement agency
  • Federal government
  • Local or state government 

How to request

  • Read the rules on the body camera data request form
  • Download and complete the form
  • Get written approval: the subject of video footage must give a written OK to release data to a third party. You'll need two things:
    • A request form signed by the data subject
    • A notarized color copy of the data subject’s photo identification
  • Bring or mail the completed form to the Records Information Unit

Request release to the public

State law says that

  • Data subjects can ask for video footage to be made public.
  • We must remove the identities of people in the video who have not agreed to the release.

How to request

  • Read the requirements of the body camera data request form
  • If you qualify as a data subject, download the form and complete it
  • Bring or send the completed form to the Records Information Unit

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