City Council powers and duties

We explain the City Council's official powers and duties.

Legislative Authority

  • Enact local laws to govern the City
  • Adopt policies directing City operations
  • Provide for the general health and welfare of the City and its inhabitants

Executive Oversight & Financial Management

  • Manage the financial affairs of the City
  • Monitor and evaluate departmental performance and ensure compliance with legislative or policy intent
  • Engage the public in decision-making processes

Land Use, Development & Zoning

  • Assure orderly growth and development through a comprehensive plan and zoning code
  • Make final decisions on appeals of land use applications
  • Act on applications for street and alley vacations, designate historic properties, and grant waivers from moratoria

Constituent Representation

  • Represent the City at local, regional, state, and national levels
  • Represent wards, neighborhoods, and communities of interest
  • Help residents solve problems, respond to inquiries, address issues, and identify opportunities