Budget and finance

The Mayor's budget reflects his priorities. His focus is on affordable housing, economic inclusion and public safety.


Affordable housing

In his 2019 budget, the Mayor begin the hard work of creating more affordable housing in our city. He put forth an historic investment of more than $40 million, from local sources alone.

Driving economic growth through inclusion

The work toward more affordable housing in Minneapolis continues in 2020. The 2020 budget also focuses on economic growth through inclusion.

Budget process

  • To create our annual budget, the City gathers feedback from residents and businesses. People can give feedback during public hearings and through online comments.
  • Before the City Council votes on the budget, several groups hold public hearings:
    • The Board of Estimate and Taxation
    • The City Council
    • Truth in Public Taxation

Sources for our City budget

Funding sources include:

  • Property taxes
  • Fees, fines and permits
  • Federal and state aid

Budget distribution 

The budget distributes funds many places, including:

  • Public Works
  • Capital improvement projects
  • Public Safety
  • The Park Board
  • The Convention Center
  • The Health Department
  • Licensing

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