How service starts

City ordinance requires Solid Waste & Recycling to collect from all residences with four or fewer units. If your carts say "Property of the City of Minneapolis," you have City collection service.

New property owners

City garbage and recycling services stay with the property

When you switch the utility bill into your name, you'll automatically be signed up for Solid Waste & Recycling services. You'll receive a welcome letter from our office that tells you how many carts are registered to your property and explains our services.

Overview of Solid Waste & Recycling services

If you have questions or you want to change the number or size of your carts, contact us. 

Organics recycling requires a separate sign-up

We'll also pick up organics recycling (food scraps and other compostable items) if you sign up for it. There's no extra cost to take part in the organics recycling program.

Learn more about signing up for organics recycling collection

New renters

Your landlord might give you information about your building's collection service, or they may have the information sent directly to you.

Contact us if you didn't learn about garbage and recycling service when you moved in and would like information mailed to you.

If you're interested in organics recycling (food scraps and other compostables) collection for your building, learn about your options.


Charges for your garbage and recycling service will be put on your City of Minneapolis utility bill. Each building is charged a base fee per month per dwelling unit.

 The base fee covers:
  • Collection
  • Processing of all materials except garbage (garbage processing costs are covered by the garbage cart fee)
  • Our voucher program for bringing extra waste to the South Transfer Station drop-off site

See garbage and recycling billing for more information

Businesses and large buildings

You may hire any licensed hauler, including the City of Minneapolis, for your garbage and recycling service if you manage a large residential building (five or more units), business, school or other organization.

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